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Here’s what our clients are saying…


I lost 100 pounds in 11 months with My Favourite Bootcamp!!! I have always been a heavy girl and always have wanted to lose weight but there were always excuses as to why I couldn’t. Then in May of 2010 my mom asked me to join My Favourite Bootcamp. I was hesitant at first, having exercized and dieted in the past without results. My Favourite Bootcamp opened me to a new way of thinking about my health and life. My trainer not only was so amazing but took time to help me change my eating habits and incorporate exercise in my life. The first month I was discouraged because I expected to see a drastic change but I didn’t lose much.

"My favourite bootcamp opened me to a new way of thinking about my health and life. My trainer not only was so amazing but took time to help me change my eating habits and incorporate exercise in my life."After a heartfelt uplifting conversation that I CAN DO THIS, I joined for a second session. I learned to write down everything I eat in a journal and haven’t stopped writing in my journal since. My Favourite Bootcamp made exercising fun with upbeat, current music, a trainer that pushes you so positively that you do not want to stop. The fun intervals make you really feel the burn the next day but in a good way like’ wow can’t wait till my next class!’ The second month I lost 17 pounds and was so happy that I just couldn’t stop. Here I am today from 265 pounds to 165 pounds happy as ever and still going. Honestly I want you to know that this dream is possible and not that far to reach. I have never been so happy with my life and the people that helped me along the way. THANK-YOU SO MUCH to My Favourite Bootcamp without your help and dedication to help me along the way I wouldn’t be where I am. You have changed my life! THANK-YOU THANK-YOU!!!

My Favourite Trainer Client


By the time my daughter was born I had gained more than 60 lbs. I tried unsuccessfully for months to lose the added weight. When I was ready, I started seeing My Favourite Trainer on weekly basis. I have to say it was a life changing experience. Not only did I lose more than 60lbs in 4 months, but I was in the best shape of my life. My Favourite Trainer did nothing but support me and push me when I needed it. I accomplished so many things with him that I never thought I could do. I felt healthy and thanks to him, I felt strong! I look forward to working out with him again! Looking back… I was happy and challenged and loved every moment of our workouts. I miss it sooooo much.

Katherine D.
My Favourite Trainer Client


After 6 years of post-secondary school, I found myself working in a career that still left me unhappy with how I felt. A colleague told me about a bootcamp that she was attending and invited me to tag along. The first class, seriously kicked my butt and although I was in serious pain, I thought that this could just be what I needed. It was the beginning of May and I decided I would give Kevin the summer and see how I felt by Sept 1st. The first couple weeks were hard……lots of early mornings and little noticeable change, but I kept telling myself that I had to continue until the end of August. By mid-June I could tell things were getting easier. I added in a couple days of running on my off days. Running in combination with bootcamp seemed easier/ more enjoyable than when I had ran in the past. By mid-August, I couldn’t go one day without someone commenting on how much weight I had lost. People kept asking what was the secret and I would say “it’s simple good diet and lots of exercise” – it’s not exactly what people wanted to hear but it really is the truth! I feel amazing; Thanks for everything Kevin, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Kirsten R.
My Favourite Trainer Client


Through Kevin’s tough training sessions, he was able to push me further than my expectations of myself and introduced me to new dynamic exercises to reach my goals. Thanks Kevin for preparing me for the biggest international tournament of my playing career!

Donna Carvalhal #5
The Lady Jags, Guyana’s National Football Team


I had to be in top shape to play for the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger Cats. Kevin Charles at My Favourite Trainer got me in the best shape of my life. His functional and sports specific training methods increased my strength, agility and endurance, all skills that are crucial when playing professional sports. Kevin also helped fine tune my nutrition both in and off season so that I was eating the right nutrients and calories no matter what season I was in. I would recommend Kevin to anyone athlete or not.  Whatever your goals, he’ll help surpass them.

Jason Nedd #24
Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Going to the gym everyday can get boring really fast so its important to have a trainer who knows how to switch up workouts and keep them fun. Kevin’s training sessions were always jam packed with new and fun workouts that kept me on my toes and most importantly kept me from getting bored.  If you are looking for a workout session that will challenge you physically without you hardly realizing it (until the day after of course) this is the place.  Kevin is your guy!

Haylie – Cheerleader/Model
Toronto Argonaut