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Join MyFavouriteBootcamp right now and get the results you’ve been looking for!


Why join a Boot Camp?

Studies show bootcamps are one of the best workouts you can get – burning an average of 600 calories per hour!

Will the workout be too challenging or not challenging enough?

Our bootcamps allow you to work up a sweat and burn calories, no matter what your fitness level. Beginners will be challenged in a fun and safe environment and regular exercisers will be pushed past their comfort zones to get the results they couldn’t get on their own.

Why MyFavouriteBootcamp?

Every workout will be different. This will keep your muscles challenged and keep you from getting bored. No more mindless cardio for you!


We also include a variety of training methods and monitoring programs not offered at other bootcamps, including:

  • Tabata – a four-minute, high-intensity training method that burns calories for up to 48 hours after you’ve stopped working out.

  • Resistance Training – Building muscle will not only help make you stronger but it will also build bone strength. Plus, did you know having more muscle tone actually helps you burn more calories throughout the day? And don’t worry ladies, our training will give you tone, not bulk.

  • Kettlebells– A classic Russian training tool that helps strengthen your muscles and give you an aerobic workout, burning a whopping 20 calories a minute.

  • Nutritional Monitoring – Unlike other bootcamps that offer a couple of hours of workouts a week and then leave you on your own to figure out your nutrition needs, we monitor your eating habits and offer nutritional plans to help you achieve the best possible results. We also provide regular physical assessments so you know what you have to work on and where you’re making improvements.

    • TRX Suspension TrainingA revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise that allows you to safely perform exercises that build strength, flexibility, and cardio endurance all at the intensity that works for you. Get total body workouts with full body movements that engage the core, upper and lower body simultaneously.


You WILL See Results!