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Kevin Charles – Featured on Global TV – Consumer S.O.S. 

Did you know that all personal trainers and fitness instructors are not equal? Have you checked the credentials of your personal trainer? This Consumer SOS recently aired on Global News advising that you may not be getting what you’re paying for when you hire a personal trainer or fitness instructor. See what Mark McAllister of Global TV discovered when he took a closer look at the fitness industry, instructors, coaches and personal trainers.





Cary Castagna • Fitness columnist/blogger • The Edmonton Sun and Sun Media


“It takes just five minutes to make Minute Rice.
Sure, I can understand that.
But only four minutes for an effective workout?
It that even possible?
You be the judge.
Here’s a release from My Favourite Bootcamp:

In an era where people have less and less time to devote to their fitness goals, My Favourite Bootcamp teaches the only scientific four-minute workout.

Kevin Charles, CEO of My Favourite Bootcamp, points out that the Tabata workout is the ultimate answer for busy people.

“Once you know how to do this workout, you can do it in the comfort of your own home in just four minutes. Who doesn’t have four minutes?” he asks.

The Tabata workout is a high-intensity interval training method. It consists of four exercises that are repeated once in a circuit of eight intervals. Each interval includes 20-seconds of the exercise performed at top intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest. In total, the workout lasts four minutes and burns nine times more fat than traditional workouts, according to a study performed at the Physical Activities Sciences Laboratory at Laval University and published in the journal Metabolism.

Countless books have been written and even more infomercials have been produced promising fat loss in just minutes a day but the Tabata workout comes with scientific backing.

The workout was developed by Izumi Tabata at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. Tabata used this method to train the Japanese Olympic speed skating team.

“Tabata has been touted as a top fitness trend for 2011 by the major fitness magazines, but I’ve been adding it to the end of my workouts for months with amazing results. My clients leave the gym huffing and puffing, says My Favourite Bootcamp trainer Kevin Charles. The best part is, because of the high intensity of this training, they continue to burn calories at an increased rate for the next 24 hours, whereas with regular exercise, once you stop exercising, your calorie burn quickly returns to normal.”

About Kevin Charles

After spending several years working as a personal trainer in some of the elite gyms across Toronto, Kevin decided to use his expertise to create MyFavouriteTrainer.com and MyFavouriteBootcamp.com.”


Article from one of Chatelaine’s former websites, sweetspot.ca – a website catered to diet & weight loss. It showcased ambitious women across Canada including the one below:

Warrior: Ashley Chavez, payroll coordinator, Toronto, ON.

Peak weight: 265 lbs.

Achieved weight: 160 lbs.

Motivation: “Losing weight has been a lifelong battle for me. I’ve always been a heavy girl and tried diets and magic pills expecting things to happen overnight and wanting them to happen with no effort. My feet used to hurt every day and my back would give out at least twice a month. I wanted to be healthy and feel better inside and out.”

Diet: “I started by cutting out fast food and pop from my diet completely. I wrote down every single thing I ate in a food journal. I counted my calories and checked my BMI online to see how much I should be eating. Then I made a plan that I could stick to.”

Fitness regimen: “My mom asked me to join this workout group called My Favourite Bootcamp that her friend had done. I was hesitant at first, knowing my history of fad diets and failing at losing weight. But it opened me up to a new way of thinking about my health and life. My trainer was amazing and took time to help me incorporate exercise into my life. The fun intervals of squats, lunges and push-ups really made me feel the burn the next day — but in a good way, like ‘Wow, I can’t wait till my next class!’

Results: “I’ve lost 105 pounds in 12 months and I’m very proud and still going! My feet and back don’t hurt anymore, I’m not out of breath walking up one flight of stairs. I have more energy and sometimes feel unstoppable — I love the feeling that I can do anything!”


Three dedicated boot campers participated in the Joe’s Team sprint triathlon this year. Your Favourite Boot Camp trainer, Kevin Charles, prepared us for the endurance of a 2-hour event with workouts that were tailored to our needs. Joe’s Team, in its sixth year, raised $1,250,000 for cancer research at the Princess Margaret Hospital. And we’ll keep coming back to boot camp, because we are planning to be part of Joe’s Team for another 9 years!


My Favourite Trainer, Kevin Charles with Slice TV’s super trainer…Tommy Europe
(Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp and Bulging Brides)

My Favourite Bootcamp’s Andrea Charles and Celebrity Trainer Jillian Michaels

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