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Personal Training


Whether you’re new to working out or have been training for years, a personal trainer will help you reach your goals faster!

If you’re new to working out, a trainer will teach you the correct way to perform exercises so that you will not risk injuring yourself. A trainer can also put together a routine that makes sense for you. Cookie-cutter programs from a magazine can’t take into consideration your health, time constraints, etc. because they’re very basic.

You are guaranteed to be trained by a university-educated personal trainer with knowledge of the latest proven training methods, and, more importantly complete knowledge of human anatomy so they can take into consideration any existing health conditions you may have and make sure to keep you healthy and injury-free.

You WILL get results!



We offer personal training in the comfort of your own home or in one of our studios:

Working Out At Home

We bring all the fitness equipment and expertise you need to burn calories and get fit right in your own home, no matter how much space you have. You’ll avoid the costs of paying to join a gym, not to mention the hassle of driving to the gym, high gas prices and parking. You’ll also save travel time and, in an age where your time is valuable, why spend time getting to the gym and back when you could be spending that time actually working out.

Working out at home also allows you to work out privately without the dozens of eyes on you at big box gyms.


Working Out in Our Studios

My Favourite Trainer has several modern, private studios across the city. Unlike many crowded gyms, our studios are small, private and clean.

Every personal training program begins with a comprehensive consultation, followed by a personalized on-going fitness and nutritional plan. This involves:

  • Tracking your fitness history
  • A full lifestyle and body composition analysis
  • A personal fitness and nutrition plan


If you stand by our program, we will stand by your investment in your health and longevity.